Here are some testimonials.


"My son, Kevin, has been taking music lessons with Kelly for several years. Kelly has given Kevin the freedom to explore different instruments and different styles of music.
This has helped Kevin develop a real passion for music.  My son currently plays guitar, trumpet, piano, and does some singing. Kelly allows the children to develop their skills without making music a chore or too stressful. Kevin never complains about going to lessons.  He looks forward to every one!  I would never go anywhere else and recommend Kelly with every chance I get."

Alicia MacDonald

Since it’s opening, Kelly’s Music and More has acted as a sanctuary for my peers and I to be free and play some great music.  Kelly’s Music and More is equipped with drum sets, keyboards, pianos, amplifiers and state of the art recording equipment; but it is Kelly Shepherd himself that makes Kelly’s Music and More a great place for learning, growth and fun.  

Kelly is extremely knowledgeable about music and teaching.  As a beginner saxophonist, Kelly helped me develop a good tone and an expansive jazz repertoire.  Just as important, Kelly helped me become a better person by teaching me the importance of kindness and giving to others.  Kelly not only talks about these things, but he also goes out and does them.  He is a kind person, a great teacher for all ages and an amazing saxophonist and musician.  

Kelly has performed with jazz giants such as Curtis Fuller, Gary Bartz, Cecil McBee and many others.  He is able to take all of his experiences with these people and impart important knowledge to his students in a way that makes the student feel good about themselves and their musicianship.  He is very dedicated to teaching and music.  I know this because we have spent long hours together so that I could be properly prepared for upcoming performances or auditions.
I am now a student at Berklee College of Music, just finishing up my first year. I continue to go back to Kelly’s Music and More whenever I can because I know that I have so much more to learn from Kelly.
MA Central District Jazz Band – 2011, 2013
MAJE Small Ensemble Herb Pomeroy Award – 2012
MAJE Sate Outstanding Musicianship – 2012, 2013
Lead Alto for Marlborough High School, earned gold medal at MAJE state
and District level – 2012, 2013
Berklee College of Music Dean’s List – Fall 2013
Studies with Oscar Stagnaro, Marcello Pellitteri, Shannon Leclaire and Frank Tiberi  

Nick Mosca

"Our experience at Kelly's Music and More has been tremendous. We've tried other music schools, but found them to be too "stiff". Kelly shows the kids that learning an instrument (or several instruments) can be fun! He teaches them how to feel the music they are playing and guides them to where they actually want to go. We started at Kelly's with one member of our family. We now have 3 family members there learning a total of 5 instruments! We wouldn't go anywhere else."
Alison Kaiser

"I have watched Kelly teach my son music, but really so much more, over the past 18 months.  What I admire most about his teaching style is that Kelly works to develop a personal connection with his student.  This makes so much sense - children need to feel valued and like the people teaching them are interested in who they are beyond the subject at hand.  What I observe is Kelly relating to my son as one human to another, rather than talking down to him and having a hierarchical relationship.  Rather, their relationship is built on mutual respect and sense of fun.  Out of that the learning naturally flows."

"A family friend suggested that I take lessons with Kelly to greatly improve my saxophone playing and singing, and I thank him to this day for that. Kelly Shepherd has taught me discipline, effective practicing methods, and most importantly, how to play music with your soul. I knew going into every lesson that I would be comfortable to be myself, and Kelly quickly became a role model for me. Kelly catered every lesson for my musical needs, even with the mood I was in that day! I am so thankful that I've had the opportunity to learn and laugh with a person like Kelly, and I recommend him to anyone who wants to grow as a musician and as a person."  


MAJE State Outstanding Musicianship: 2008, 2009, 2010

MA Central District Choir: 2009, 2010

MA All-State Choir: 2010

Lead Alto for Marlborough High School, earned gold medal at MAJE State and District Level: 2008, 2009, 2010

Sang the National Anthem at a Red Sox game and backup vocals for Foreigner - Marlborough High School A Capella Choir

Jim McCarthy

"I began taking lessons with Kelly when I was in eighth grade, and I have enjoyed every second of them. Each lesson is a completely unique experience as Kelly helps his students develop their talents through various genres of music ranging from classical to contemporary. Thanks to Kelly's methods, I have developed as a musician in ways that I have never dreamed possible; my saxophone playing has improved tremendously in the three years I have worked with him. With Kelly's mentoring, I have also learned new instruments: he has taught me to become a competent piano player as well as a seasoned flutist. Through music, Kelly teaches invaluable life lessons that I use day to day; he shares stories of his experiences as a professional musician that have helped to concrete music as a passion of mine that I will pursue for the rest of my life. I love the time I spend learning at Kelly's studio, and I would recommend for any prospective student to allow Kelly to make as much of an impact on their life as he has had on mine."

-Austin Turner, Marlborough High School, Junior

"I have been a part of Kelly's Music and More for a few years now. These past few years of playing music and making memories have been the best few years of my life. Not only is the music amazing but you learn so much more. Being a part of the school is awesome. Every time I'm there we not only play music but we learn about the music. Kelly is an amazing musician as well as an amazing teacher. He has guided me through my musical career and I couldn't be more thankful for that. Kelly has a passion for teaching and music and it shows through every lesson I have. He has taught me so much about music but also so much about being a good person. I couldn't ask for a better teacher. Kelly not only teaches all of his students but he also builds a relationship between all the musicians in the school. Kelly's music and more is so unique compared to other music schools. He doesn't just teach each individual kids. He brings us all together to play and become friends. He puts together events at the school that brings together all aged musicians to play. These are my favorite events because all the kids and teenagers and adults learn from each other while playing together. Not to mention that the music also sounds amazing. Kelly's music and more is the best music school around. I have learned so much and made so many memories with everyone that goes to the school. Kelly is the best mentor and teacher any musician could ask for. This school is great for all ages and will grow your musical abilities very quickly. I love this school and it will always be a part of me."

Sarah Hanahan