The workshops are open to all students and also friends who do not take lessons but are interested in playing some music and having fun. We'll usually have a few friends attend every year who do not take lessons at the school. 

We play a lot of music, go outside everyday, have a lot of fun, and go on a field trip on Friday! Last year we went to Blue Hills Maine and the York Maine Lighthouse! We keep it loosely structured and spontaneous to give students a sense of freedom.


Pictures and Videos from our previous Workshop!!



Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce our three summer workshops this year! 

Week 1: Tuesday - Friday July 21st - July 24th

Week 2: Tuesday - Friday July 28th - July 31st

Week 3: Monday - Sunday August 4th - 9th (Thurs 6th - Sun 9th Vermont)

All workshops run from 9 am - 3 pm each day - Except part of the 3rd week Thurs 6th - Sun 9th Vermont which are sleepovers

Week 1: Tuesday - Friday July 21st - July 24th (7-10 year olds)
Week 1 of workshops is in conjunction with Littleton Parks & Rec and is intended for students aged 7 - 10 years old who have just started Kelly's Music & More in the past year and a half, are in our youngest group or students who do not attend Kelly's Music & More. Beginners are welcome. If you have a younger sibling in that age group who doesn't attend Kelly's Music & More, this is a great way for them to have that experience. Beginners are more than welcome and we fun with the fundamentals of music, arts and crafts, playing outside everyday, and having fun! We are excited to offer a workshop specifically for this age group! FIELD TRIP ON FRIDAY!

Week 2: Tuesday - Friday July 28th - July 31st
Week 2 of workshops are modeled after our past workshops and are intended for students who have experience at Kelly's Music & More and are 10 and up! Our workshops are known for being spontaneous and free! We play a lot of music, record and video tape, go outside everyday, and have a lot of fun! We feature every student throughout the week! Our students guide the direction of this workshop, have a lot of fun, and grow tremendously. The amount of growth we see from the students playing music everyday is incredible! WE GO ON AN ALL DAY FIELD TRIP ON FRIDAY! OUR STUDENTS HAVE SO MUCH FUN ON THIS WORKSHOP & FIELD TRIP!!!

Week 3: Monday - Sunday August 4th - 9th (Thurs 6th - Sun 9th Vermont)

Last year we had a really fun 2 night stay in Maine as a field trip to culminate our workshops! Because it was such a success, this year we are offering a stay in Johnson Vermont for three nights! We will leave Thursday and return on Sunday. Thurs 6th - Sun 9th Vermont. Also different, this workshop week will start on Monday Monday Aug 4th not Tuesday; we will be playing music at the school Monday - Wednesday and leave for Vermont on Thursday morning.

We will be staying at Ananta in Johnson Vermont. The house is beautiful with amazing views, beds, 3.5 bathrooms, and even a pond for swimming! We will be a short car drive from Burlington surrounded by beautiful views and nature. Please check out photos of ANANTA!!



We have limited spots for our summer workshops this year specifically during the sleepover week 3. Please reserve your spot quickly as attendance will be reserved on a first come first serve basis. Please indicate which weeks/days you plan to attend with your payment! Daily rates are included below as well.

To register and reserve your spot please send a check to:

Kelly’s Music & More
25 Juniper Road
Littleton, MA 01460

If you would like to use a credit card please contact me. 

1st Week - $280

2nd Week - $300  ($280 if paid by April 20th)

3rd Week - $725   ($675 if paid by April 20th)

2nd & 3rd Week combined - $950   ($885 if paid by April 20th)

Sibling rates -

1st Week - $550

2nd Week - $575   ($550 if by April 20th)

3rd Week - $1300   ($1250 if by April 20th)

2nd & 3rd Week - $1750   ($1680 if by April 20th)

Daily Rates - $80

We look forward to amazing camps and an amazing summer!!!
Thank you!!!


2016 Workshop Videos

Rowan singing "When I Was Your Man" at our Summer Workshop

Our musicians playing Dizzy Gillespie's "A Night In Tunisia". Victoria Richard on Flute.

Video Limbo!!! Goofoing OFF!! Silent Kareoke!! ROWAN!!